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Solar Powered Balloon

This year, we're competing in the Global Space Balloon Challenge (April 3-27). There are 3 categories: best picture, best design, and best educational initiative. However, we have our own goals. We're going to send Wolfie to SPACE...and also design a new type of high altitude solar balloon that is ecofriendly and doesn't use hydrogen or helium. New members welcome!

Join the Project!

Link to competition details

If you haven't seen the sun or don't know what a balloon is, it doesn't matter to us, we want you on our team!
As the project is smaller than our other projects and consists of some proprietary information, please send an email to if you want to join the team or have any questions.


AIAA Stony Brook Chapter
113 Light Engineering Building
The Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, New York 11794-2300