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We're basically interested in working on anything that flys

We also believe that working on projects that get you excited, with other people who share your interests, is one of the best things you can do in college! If you don't see a project here that peaks your interest, then reach out to us and we'll help you start your own.

Current Projects

This year, we have 3 projects:

DBF: We're making an RC airplane for the Design/Build/Fly competition in April 2020. See more here. 

NASA Student Launch: We're supporting the 2020 SBU NASA Student Launch Senior Design team. 

Global Space Balloon Competition: In collaboration with Centriseed Innovations, we're sending a balloon to space!

Past Projects

Videos of rocket launches can be found on our Facebook
Email us if we forgot anything :)

NASA Student Launch 2019

This year's rocket flew to a height of 4994 feet, compared to a simulated height of 5000 feet. It also looked pretty cool.

NASA Student Launch 2018

This is where it all began; while the competition took place in 2018, this was a project that took a while in the making. Out of 50 competiting teams, our 40 lb rocket won us 3rd place for "Best Rookie Team for Altitude" - not too bad considering most of the rocket came out of a 3D printer.

Hyperloop 2017

Our hyperloop design looked pretty cool (completely unbiased opinion), and some of our members got to go to the design competition at Texas A&M. 

Suggest a Project

If you're passionate about something (and you think other people might be passionate about it too), then feel free to suggest a project by filling out the form below.


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