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Current E-Board

We do the fun stuff like making this website and organizing events


Le Si Qu - President

Le Si (LEE-see) is pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and is entering her senior year in fall 2019. Her technical interests are in aerospace, robotics, and system integration. Her other interests include exploring the intersection between engineering and art. She believes in the importance of inspiring younger generations AND your peers to pursue engineering through mentorship.
Favorite thing about Aerospace: Every piece of technology I have has a space-themed background. Technology is my universe.  


Matthew Mullin - Vice President

Matt (EE-lon) is currently a junior in Mechanical Engineering, with aspirations of obtaining a PhD in Applied Physics. He’s interested in alternative propulsion technologies, renewable energy, and becoming the next (better and far cooler) Elon Musk.
Favorite thing about Aerospace: I think ground effect vehicles are pretty cool. I also think hydrogen balloons deserve a second chance. 


Andrew Arceo - Treasurer

Andrew is a junior in Mechanical Engineering. He is particularly fond of working in teams to tackle any engineering problem. If he isn’t working on coursework or projects, you can probably find him at the rec center working out.
Favorite thing about Aerospace: He still loves watching airplanes take off from the window seat, and enjoys being at extremely high altitudes.  


Gwyneth Yi - Secretary

Gwyn is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. She really likes reusable water bottles and wants to learn how to skateboard.
Favorite thing about Aerospace: I like birds, I’m studying Mechanical Engineering, and planes are basically mechanical birds.


Eric Froehlich - Public Relations Director

Eric is a junior in Mechanical Engineering. He is deeply interested in aeronautics, specifically aerodynamics. When he’s not stressing with endless assignments, he enjoys playing music (he plays bass in the university orchestra and guitar for fun) and video gaming.
Favorite thing about Aerospace: Fighter Jets are cool! 


John Kim - Project Lead/Chief Engineer

John is a senior in Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in Mechatronics because its flexibility increases the breadth of problems he can tackle. His goal as an AIAA chapter member is to optimize collaboration and promote learning among its members. In his free time, he enjoys playing outdoors sports and traveling to new places.

Favorite thing about Aerospace: Childrens’ book author Roald Dahl flew with the Royal Air Force during WWII.

Tiltrotors are cool

Hopefully the next Enterprise actually makes it to space.


AIAA Stony Brook Chapter
113 Light Engineering Building
The Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, New York 11794-2300